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Search Tips

The menu at the left (click "Home" etc) will lead you into the main sections of this website.

You can also try the search box - to find your special interests directly. Try a region or town, a date, or a philatelic category like "proof".

The SEARCH tool will pick up your exact wording, OR those exact letters contained in a longer word.

For instance :

  • if you enter "PROOF", it will find "PROOF" plus the plural "PROOFS"; however if you enter "PROOFS" it will not find the singular "PROOF" (so entering the singular version gives best results for you);
  • if you enter "VIENNA" it will find "VIENNA" but not "WIEN", so try both English and German versions where these are different.

The SEARCH tool is useful if your collecting field is very precise.

However, the MENU headings for the main countries do allow you to browse what we have in stock in more depth.